Proposed Dishes


  • Fried vegetable balls
  • Octopus cooked in a pot with wine, garlic, dried tomatoes and served with puree of chickpeas
  • Freshly homemade marinated anchovies
  • Kefalonian feta cheese sweet and sour
  • Fresh mussels with wine sauce
  • Fried spinach and cheese pies


  • Meloza salad (with lettuce, rocket, figs, almonds and sauce with honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
  • Fiscardo salad (with spinach, lettuce, rocket, dried tomatoes, mizithra Kefalonian cheese or anchovies & balsamic vinegar)
  • Tassia’s special veggie salad (with cabbage, lettuce, rocket, coloured peppers, baby tomatoes, carrots, pomegranate and sauce with orange)

Greek Traditional Foods

  • Traditional Kefalonian meat pie with veal, beef, rice and home made pastry
  • Pork fillet stuffed with chaloumi cheese, peppers and dried tomatoes and served with rosemary sauce
  • Veal with Kefalonian feta cheese, aubergines and tomato sauce cooked in earthenware
  • Stuffed tomatoes and peppers


  • Spaghetti with aubergines, Kefalonian feta cheese and tomato sauce
  • Seafood pasta (with fresh mussels, octopus, shrimps, squid and wine sauce)
  • Farmer’s pasta (with zucchini, peppers, fresh mushrooms, dried tomatoes and fresh cream)
  • Pasta with fresh shellfish


  • Risotto with vegetables and chicken
  • Risotto with cuttlefish and their ink

Meat with Sauce

  • Beef burger with blue cheese sauce
  • Chicken fillet with aubergines and smoked cheese

Meat on the Barbecue

  • Pork kebab with pork fillet and prunes wrapped with bacon
  • Lamb chops
  • Rib-eye
  • Chicken Kebab

Sea Food

  • Fresh swordfish
  • Fresh sardines
  • Fish soup, served with fish
  • Fresh squid grilled or fried


  • Kefalonian almond cake
  • Orange dessert
  • Yogurt served with home made jams